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Art of Emotions Gallery! Brand new in Toronto!

Today marks the opening of one of the most beautiful new art galleries in Toronto! This "must see" gallery is the brain child of Dr. Irina Valentin and her philosophical statement is the following:

"What do we mean by Art of Emotions? At its simplest, we mean art that taps into the artist’s heart and soul and creates a possibility for deep emotional changes among those who see it."

I love Dr. Irina's beautiful words because as I've always maintained in my artist statement, "My aim with my work is for it to resonate, emotionally, with the viewer and ultimately transport them to a place where raw emotions touch the soul".

I'm pleased that my painting called "Fields of Irises" is included in this inaugural show and my hope is that anyone living in the GTA drop by to browse the gallery or perhaps even purchase a beautiful piece of fine art that speaks to your heart.

For more info please visit:


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