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Silver and Pearls

For now, this is really only a working name while I come up with something more appropriate. Often when I'm painting, I will "nickname" my paintings and will consequently go with that name. However, there are times when I know it's only temporary so for now, I'll just go with Silver and Pearls.

I am completely loving every moment of trying to capture shiny or reflective objects. While studying a still life set up, I spend many moments really trying to observe the way light affects something. I find this the most fascinating thing about painting. Its really only the values, tones, lights, darks that make up a 2D painting in order to give the impression that it's 3D. Of course colour plays a role in the overall painting but in my opinion, the values are the foundation of a great realistic approach. I'm having so much fun creating these works and I find it tough to put my paintbrush down each day because my drive to become a better painter is stronger than my desire to sleep!

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