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"Oh Canada!" is the name of the FCA's exhibition honouring our country's 150th birthday. I am so pleased to have my mixed media piece called "Rapture or Ravissement" accepted into this mega show which celebrates our beautiful country's 150th birthday! I've incorporated segments of the Canadian Bill of Rights, Parliament Buildings the Canadian Coat of Arms and even the Canadian Mounties. I used acrylic, newspaper clippings, paper, nail polish and marker. Federation of Canadian Artists is holding a special holiday exhibition in beautiful Granville Island, BRITISH COLUMBIA, with lots of activities and are expecting thousands of visitors over this July 1st weekend. HOPE YOU CAN MAKE IT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA!

"Rapture/Ravissement" is 9 x 12 - Mixed Media on Canvas board. Its appropriately priced at $717, signifying July 1, 2017.

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