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Goodbye Gemlucart 2018

Goodbye GEMLUCART 2018 - Hello to new Friends:. You say goodbye..and I say hello. This past week went by so quickly that I’ve hardly been able to catch my breath. Monte Carlo is always an exciting place and I have to say, for me personally, GEMLUCART is probably one of the most prestigious, upscale, “Avant Garde” exhibitions I’ve had the pleasure of being part of. Not only did I meet and network with many fabulous artists, curators, gallery owners and the like, but the talents of many, including Laurence Garbatini and Yvon Kergal is second to none. An exhibition of this magnitude cannot be easy and along with a group of talented volunteers, they seem to pull it all together every year in a fabulous way, all the while raising much-needed revenue for cancer and cancer research. As we the entered beautiful Rainier Auditorium last Tuesday evening, we were once again Mesmerized by such a magical place. It sparkled as I watched the people begin to gather in the grand foyer, and I for one, am still humbled when I think about the amazing energy that must have gone into creating such a grand event. The concept of placing incredible artwork in a fabulous venue and then throwing a fundraiser into the mix, well it’s brilliant. One couldn’t help but feel the excitement during this October gala, and the fact that it’s all for a great cause created a synergy that I believe every attendee felt while browsing past the artwork throughout the halls of the Auditorium. It was greater than all of us, but together, each had played a role in adding our own unique individual creativity to help bring it into fruition. It was simply top notch. My best take away from it when all is said and done, is also the laughter and good times we shared with so many people, which continued into the night as we left the auditorium for a type of after party at the Monte Carlo Yacht Club.Through exhibiting and attending GEMLUCART, I’ve continued friendships with many artists since my first year back in 2014. After this past week, I’ve met even more people from every country you can imagine. This has opened up other opportunities to not only work and play in future exhibitions but to build great relationships outside of my own local community. Experiencing new cultures, places and wonderfully creative people, well it opens your mind and ultimately inspires you. As I say goodbye to GEMLUCART 2018, I can’t help but look forward to keeping in touch with new friends...until next time... thank you

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