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Le Festival De Bargemon

While exhibiting in Monte Carlo last fall, I was fortunate to meet so many talented artists and interesting people who were there to help raise funds for cancer ...and mostly who also just love art. While there, I met an artist named Stephen Paul, creator of Le Festival de Bargemon. He had a vision and has worked hard with friends for three years now, putting together a festival that will help put Bargemon on the map and bring a strong sense of the arts to a very unique and pristine part of the world.

The Festival of Bargemon or "Le Festival De Bargemon" is an annual gathering of artists, musicians and performers from around the world that come to this beautiful medieval village in the South of France to work, play and dance. The exhibition and the performances are presented during the last week of July each summer after two weeks of studio time and rehearsals. The paintings, photography and sculptures are exhibited outdoors during the day beneath the shade of majestic Plane Trees overlooking the valley between Claviers and Bargemon, followed by a series of concerts and performances in the evening. The artists are on site during the three days following the opening celebrations and available to discuss their work. There will be guided tours each day and activities for children. In 2019 the artists will begin working on site on July 11th;the opening of the festival will be at 18h on Thursday July 25th and the festival will continue until the closing concert on July 28th.

Anyone visiting France this summer would certainly enjoy checking out such a quaint village and taking in all the wonders of the art world.

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