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Margaret Juravinski: Remembering a Friend

It's with such sadness that I post this today as my soulmate and friend Margaret, of almost 40 years, has passed away. I felt I needed to write if not paint because she was so instrumental in helping me get my start as an artist.

Margaret and I talked weekly and had a long conversation the day my husband and I were leaving for a trip to Ireland. She was so happy at the thought of talking again upon our return, saying she couldn't wait to see all the photos and hear of our adventures. However, it wasn't meant to be and I miss her dearly already.

Margaret and Charles Juravinski were generous philanthropists, a couple who created an endowment of $100 million or more to support collaborative research across Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster University and St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. Their estate commitment is one of Canada's largest ever planned legacy gifts and established the Juravinski Research Institute.

As philanthropists, the media would contact them regularly and they'd often call me after a photoshoot at their home to tell me to watch for once it's published. This was because they had jumped in front of one of my several paintings for the photo and give me a little wink and a nod. I thought this to be so endearing and thoughtful but that's just who they were.

It's been a week since Margaret's passing and as sad as it is, my mind is flooded with beautiful memories. This dynamic duo gave back to the world tenfold and that's how they'll be remembered. However, to me they were just Charlie and Margaret, friends who my husband and I spent a lifetime with and those wonderful memories will stay with us through eternity.

See you at the next full moon dear Maraget. ❤️

Photo of Charlie at home is from "THE HAMILTON SPECTATOR FILE PHOTOS" and other Photos - HHS file photos

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